Monday, September 11, 2006

We have just received advance copies of the next two plays in our Graphic Shakespeare series: King Lear illustrated by Ian Pollock and Macbeth illustated by Von.

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King Lear is the bitter chronicle of a man's dark journey from ignorance to understanding.

"Pollock's style, odd, disturbing and surreal, captures all the black absurdity of King Lear's cosmic tragedy."
Book & Bookmen
This edition is the complete play.
ISBN: 190410407X. Price: £9.99

Macbeth is the gruesome tale of self-destructive ambition and bloodthirsty violence.

"Blood drips, eyeballs stare, and marsh-gas swirls across the page-as-stage. Marvellous."
The Literary Review
This edition is the complete play.
ISBN: 1904104061. Price: £9.99

These books are being published in the United Stated by Black Dog & Leventhal under license from Can of Worms Enterprises.