Friday, June 08, 2007

Dan, Jon and Deborah

Author of borough market cookbook

Oscar and Chips together again

Oscar Grillo (left) and Chips Hardy (right) shoulder to shoulder at thye Can of Worms Arts Unwrapped party. Chips is the author of Each Day a Small Victory which Can of Worms Press is publishing in July. It is Chips's debut novel and a tour de force, not to mention a force of nature - Each Day is 'Rural Noir' - Pulp Fiction Meets Wind in the Willows.

Oscar Grillo has interpreted the novel with some fabulous illustrations. More of Oscar's work can be seen here, Grillomation.

Where's the beef

Starter from borough cookbook

The crowds arrive

Arts unwraps

Mark Mason can of Worms first author enjoys a chilled one.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Open a Can of Worms at Arts Unwrapped

Do please come along to our offices in Peacock Yard this coming weekend (8 - 10 June) to view some of the fine illustrations from books we have published and are soon to publish.

We shall have work from our Graphic Shakespeare series by Ian Pollock and some work in progress by Oscar Grillo for our upcoming Tempest.

We shall also be showing some of Oscar's fine work for Chips Hardy's "Rural Noir" debut novel: Each Day a Small Victory.

Boing-Boing the Bionic Cat and Ruth Denise Lear's wonderful watercolours will be ever present as well as the work of Michael Molloy form the Jack series by Sheila Molloy.

Fine photography from George Nicholson from his Made in Southwark celebration as well as upcoming work to be featured in The Borough Market Cookbook: Meat & Fish.

Please do join us over the weekend and if you are around Friday evening from 6pm - 10pm please join us for a drink and a sample of some of the food from our Borough Market Cookbook.