Friday, October 06, 2006

Beautiful hosts

Simon and Tamsin organised what hopefully will become an annual dinner at one of Frankfurt's fine restaurants: Garibaldi. We were served a delicious anti pasti to prepare our palettes: parma ham, artichoke hearts, roasted fennel, tomatoes and courgettes, calimari and tonnato limone. For our main course we all shared in a selection of pasta: tagliatelli con truffalo bianco (OK I don't know my Italian but it was pasta with shaved white truffle - delicioso) gnocchi in a tomato sauce and ravioli with spinach and ricotta. Seven bottles of a fine Pinot Grigio and some desertwein and espresso and we were all most pleasantly satiated. Joining us among others in the dinner were: Boris Joh Passacantando who has illustrated the lovely A Secret Promise for Beautiful Books and his partner, Cinzia Da Alberti who is a fine artist and illustrator in her own right.

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