Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meet the Ponies

The Sugar Cubes ponies are a bunch of friends who live together at The Sugar Cubes Stables Riding School. There are 12 of them altogether. There's Midnight, the Icelandic horse, who lived out wild all year round so has no idea about manners. Thistle, the Highland pony, who�s self-conscious because she has a big bum and won't go last on hacks or wear horizontal stripes. There's Jacques the Camargue, a breed famous for their hardy feet and never need shoeing. And that's just three of them. Different breeds, different characters, different likes and dislikes, there's lots to find out. Who's friends with who and who annoys who, what they get up to, secrets, tricks and pony talk. Then there's the wobblies and fidgets—the ponies' names for the children who come after school and weekends, especially 'Sat-on-all-day', for their riding lessons.

To check out which pony matches your star sign come to the Can of Worms stand in Hall 8.0 E947 for a free poster.

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